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Certified Home Inspection

Certified Home Inspection

Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

Berry Group Inspection provides the most dependable buyer inspection service in Schertz. We will scan the house from top to bottom and make sure to inform you about all the flaws in it. The inspection starts from the structure of the building which includes the roof, ceiling, walls, and floor. Proper functioning of drainage systems, doors, windows also comes under this. Proper working of cooling and heating equipment is monitored. Electric equipment like panels, branch circuits, and connective devices are thoroughly checked. The plumbing area including the distribution system drains, fixtures and vents are also properly examined. Our staff is fully experienced and equipped to perform this duty. Modern machinery is used to expose faulty equipment and construction. Berry Group Inspection makes sure to inform you about all the technical faults in the property.

Are you planning to buy a new property? and you are not sure about assets and liabilities to buy it. Well, you need to take help from a buyer inspection company to diagnose the health of the property that you intend to buy. We are the most dependable organization in the town to get your property to be inspected. We offer an additional service, which investigates if there are any rats, termites, or any other kinds of pests. Chemical tests are performed to examine if there is any fungal growth in any area of the building. The presence of molds could cause allergic reactions so we make sure that the place is safe to buy or not. We provide all these services at very economical rates. Call Berry Group Inspection today for buyer inspection in Schertz if you intend to buy any property.

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