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Certified Inspection Near Me in San Antonio

Certified Inspection Near Me in San Antonio

Certified inspection near me in San Antonio

Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

Are you moving in or are you moving out? Whatever is the reason you need a Certified inspection near me in San Antonio. There can be several issues with the home you are living in or in the one you are moving out from. When moving into a house you should get an inspection so that you can know about the potential damages to the home. Some damages may not be visible to the human eye and that is why you need home inspectors to help you through it. Always hire a company that is trustworthy like Berry group inspection.

What do we do?

Berry group inspection is a certified and insured company that has home inspectors with years of experience. When you hire us for a certified inspection near me in San Antonio, we come to your place at the scheduled time and start the inspection. We start by inspecting the roof of the house. Then we move on to the plumbing and electrical systems. Because any minor damage in these can cause a threat at some point. We check the HVAC system so that you are not facing any issues. We check for mold and pests. If you have a spa or pool, we also inspect it for any future problems.

Not only do we provide full home inspection, but we also perform an inspection for social sites, 4 point inspection, spa inspection, mold testing, and removal.

Affordable rates and best services

When you choose berry group inspection, you can rest assured that you have chosen the best for your property. All the services we provide are at affordable rates. And we do not compromise on our service quality. If you are listing your house or buying a new one, call us now for a Certified inspection near me in San Antonio.

Certified Inspection Near Me in San Antonio
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