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Home Inspector in San Antonio

Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

A home inspection is the most important factor that should be considered while buying or selling a house. By knowing all the problems before buying a house, you can get yourself rid of high-expense repairs in the near future. While buying a house, there are so many minor details that need your attention. But most of the time these little details are left unnoticed and you face many problems after you get shifted and start living there. These minor defects can only be detected by a home inspector who is professional and skilled in his work.

If you live in San Antonio and you want to sell or buy a house, you definitely need to get it inspected by the best home inspector in San Antonio through Berry group inspections. We are a certified and experienced company with plenty of good customer reviews. All of our inspectors are well experienced in their work. The services that Berry group inspections provide you include thermal imaging of your house, infrared imaging of your house, and inspection of wood-destroying insects. We make sure to do a full house inspection with an eagle’s eye making sure that no corner is left uninspected.

We look for any wire damage, structure deformity, insects, pipelines leakage, and many other issues. After a thorough inspection of your house, a list of all the defects is handed over to the client. Our home inspectors at Berry group inspections also advise you on the best possible solutions to all the problems that they see in your house during the inspection. So contact us now for the best and vigilant inspection of your home before buying it. You can contact us through our email or call us on the given number. Our unblemished services are extremely affordable. So, hire Berry group inspections now for a Home inspector in San Antonio.

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