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Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

Infrared imaging in San Antonio:

Buying a new home is like living one of the greatest dreams. You would surely want to invest in a property that proves to be safe and perfect in all terms. If you like a house that has the paint done very well and has amazing architecture, do you know anything about the internal components? Infrared imaging gives you an idea of the state of all the structural components of your property. Berry Group Inspection offers you high-quality infrared imaging in San Antonio showing you the perfect image of your property.

Know the actual condition of your property:

Berry Group Inspection is at the forefront of property inspection companies in San Antonio. With years of experience, we have always made sure that our customers are provided with high-quality services. Our home inspection services also include the use of infrared imaging techniques. We have the latest infrared imaging equipment and the process is carried out by our expert property inspectors. Our infrared imaging service gives you detailed information about your home revealing the actual condition that includes;

  • Roofing leaks:
  • There are some areas of the roof that are inaccessible and thus we inspect them with infrared imaging that reveals the leaks if any.
  • Structural defects:

The IR camera detects the temperature and conductivity that gives us the idea of the damaged and missing structural components when scanning floors, walls, and ceilings.

  • Electrical faults:

Our property inspectors can immediately detect any sort of electrical wiring issue or connection problems with IR imaging.

  • Mold:

Moisture in the walls and floor can be detected via IR imaging which allows you to prevent mold growth.

Expert services provided:

Berry Group Inspection is an experienced property inspection company and you can rely on us for top-graded services for infrared imaging in San Antonio.

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