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Infrared Imaging services in San Antonio

Infrared Imaging services in San Antonio

Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

We pretty much cover all the problematic areas. Wet insulation on the roof is checked through the infrared roof moisture. Other stuff related to structure such as defective Solar panels, missing grout in the concrete walls, poor electrical connections, and leaked steam pipes is efficiently examined. Loose and worn-out parts in the wiring and electrical appliances. Leaks and breaks are pin-pointed without digging the floor. Missing insulations and air filters are also detected. Capturing all this information permits us to gauge the effect of issues found at various hardware loads, giving you an understanding of the urgency. It will make you decide either to buy/sell a property or make renovations and fixations in it. It is a high-level arrangement that is phenomenal for you and your family to determine if you want to spend your hard-earned money on a building or not.

If you intend to buy a new property for your home or workplace and the potential faults in the building are making you reluctant to do so. Don’t worry. Berry Group Inspection is providing infrared inspection services in San Antonio. It is a non-destructive and cost-effective method to investigate all the problems in a property. A procedure called thermography is used to take thermal images of the faults. The dealings would be safer and reliable after a home inspection and infrared is undoubtedly more advanced and better than the traditional inspection. Berry Group Inspection will provide their infrared imaging services IN SAN ANTONIO at a budget-friendly rate. No additional hideous money would be charged before or after the  INFRARED IMAGING services. Call us today or visit our website.

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