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Lawn Irrigation System Inspection

Lawn Irrigation System Inspection

Lawn Irrigation System Inspection

Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

Requesting a home inspection before buying is a wise step every person should take. The main purpose of the home inspection is to ensure that all necessary repairs and maintenance have been done before closing the deal. So that you don’t lose money on unforeseen repairs after the close of the deal if something goes wrong in the future. Berry group inspection provides home inspection services from all aspects including plumbing, electrical, mold, air quality, water quality, and lawn irrigation system inspection.  One of the important points is a lawn irrigation system inspection.

Lawn irrigation inspection factors

Having an irrigation system in the house increases the price of the house greatly. But it is good to have a look at how valuable it is. So if you are looking to buy or sell a home with an existing irrigation system but need help with determining if it’s in good condition or not. Berry group inspection is the company for you. in this way, you would know what issues you may want to look out, before closing on your new home purchase.

We check the following things for the lawn irrigation system in the house.

  • kinds of valve

It is important to know what kind of valve is installed for irrigation .there are two types

double-check valve assembly: it prevents backflow of contaminants in water

atmospheric vacuum breaker valve: it saves drinking water from cross-contamination

The houses with double-check valve assembly are better

  • spray head

The type of spray head is important, as it will irrigate the lawn. We see the pressure, size, and quality of sprinkler head

Effective distribution of sprinklers

The distribution of sprinklers through the area is also a factor for lawn heads. We see how many sprinklers are installed and if they are in-ground or above ground

  • Landscape

The area itself is important. What type of soil do you have? How much greener is grass? We look for patches, yellow or dried-out areas, and depressions or damp spots to evaluate overall performance.

  • Sprinkler System Components

Other sprinkler components in lawn irrigation system inspection are the Water pump, Water Meter, Pump Controller, Valve box, etc. All these parts determine the overall efficiency of the lawn irrigation system.

What makes us different

At berry group inspection, we take pride in being one of the few companies that give an option of a lawn irrigation inspection system. Although it is not required by InterNACHI’s Home Inspection Standards of Practice. And it is not an important part of your standard home inspection. But we want what is best for you, that’s why we work thoroughly and leave nothing behind. This service puts us ahead of inspectors in our service area who don’t provide this service.

How we present ourselves

We give you a detailed report on your lawn irrigation system inspection. Our report will cover all the points. You will get to know which part is damaged and needs to be replaced and what should be the final value of the house.

Lawn Irrigation System Inspection
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