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Licensed Home Inspectors San Antonio

Licensed Home Inspectors San Antonio

Licensed Home Inspectors San Antonio

Selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it.

Buying or selling a house is not only a financial investment but also an emotional investment. We buy a house with the intention of living in it for years. That is why you must choose the best of houses. This can be done by arranging an inspection service from Licensed home inspectors San Antonio who will tell you all the pros and cons of the house. At berry group inspection, we have many Licensed home inspectors San Antonio that will give an unbiased report on the condition of the house after inspection.

Pre-listing home inspection

It is the right of a buyer to get an honest report on house conditions. And it is the duty of a seller to present the house condition In full detail. Berry group inspection helps you in fulfilling that duty. Our licensed home inspectors San Antonio will do a pre-listing home inspection for you. We will give you a list of all the repairs that need to be done on the house. Getting a repair and maintaining the house, will help you in getting a good price for it. Also, you will face no problem in closing the deal with the buyer.

Advance instruments for inspection

At berry group inspection, we have all the modern pieces of equipment that are certified and saved for use in the house. These instruments help us to detect and monitor the internal condition of the house. In this way, we can see all the damages inside walls, under the foundation, and at places where it is difficult to see.

Apart from the flashlight and electrical tester capacitor that are standard, we have thermal and infrared imaging sensors, Moisture meters, gas detector, telescoping ladder, Spectroscope, and many more.  For safety, we use electric gloves, tool boots, respiratory masks, and safety glasses.

End inspection report

At the end of the inspection, our Licensed home inspectors San Antonio will present an end report on the house. This report will include the

  • Plumbing condition
  • Electrical wiring, bulbs, and socket conditions
  • Water damage all through the house
  • Wood damage that was done by insects in the house
  • Roof condition, the drainage and shingles quality on the roof
  • Backyard condition, lawn irrigation system working condition, and quality
  • Foundation, attic condition
  • Presence of mold in the house
  • Air quality, if there is a presence of carbon monoxide or radon in a house
  • Water quality, if drinking water has any contaminants or not
  • All this information is presented by pictures and numbers, along with labeling in the house.

Years of experience

Berry group inspection has many years of experience in the inspection business. We have so far completed 500K inspection projects in over 10 cities. We have a continuous training staff and working staff in the field. We have certificates for chimney inspection, moisture intruder, deck inspector, safe workplace inspector, lawn irrigation system inspection. All these are certified by InterNACHI. With your trust in us, we can help you in getting the house you deserve.

Licensed Home Inspectors San Antonio
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